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Drego Realm: Map 4

Drego Realm finally returns this Saturday for Map 4! Our goal with this release was to both ensure the competition is fair, and improve gameplay by providing players with more tools and features. We've taken on-board various community feedback based on previous maps, and we're continuing to plan further features based on this. Your feedback is valuable to us, so keep it coming!

What is Drego?
Drego is our competitive factions realm with real cash rewards for the /f top factions. Due to its competitive nature, we do not continuously release Drego maps, meaning there is a break period between map releases (unlike our other realms).

So let's get to it! Introducing Drego realm's Map 4...

Watch the trailer now:

General Information
Drego's Map 4 starts at the following date and time:

Saturday 19th October 2019
3pm EST / 8pm BST
For your local timezone, please...

Greetings Desterians!
It's almost spooky season, so it's time to release our limited-edition Halloween packages! This month's crate also features a new custom weapon; the Horseman's Blade! Check it out below...

Halloween Crate
For 1 month only, you can grab this limited-edition Halloween crate.

An unmissable, limited-edition Halloween special, guaranteeing you the following rewards:
  • $100k-500k Money Shipment
  • 500-1500 Tokens
  • Limited Edition Title (redeemable item)
    • #Ghost Title
    • #Toxic Title
    • #Spooky Title
    • #Deadly Title
  • Horseman's Blade:
    • horsemanblade.png
  • 1-3x Godly Crate Keys
  • Unlimited Sell Wand
  • 16-64x...
Greetings Desterians!
Spooky times are ahead of us so why not dive into our 3rd F-Top payout for Auren, Besen, and Caden?

Just as clarification for how F-Top will be calculated, we will be taking F-Top every 2.5 weeks for a total of 4 rewards over the course of 10 weeks. A total value of £400 (for F-Top #1), £208 (for F-Top #2), or £80 (for F-Top #3). At the very end, whoever wins the last F-Top value will be considered the all-time winner, and will be asked to provide a list of people they wish to receive title and an aura (based on their member list taken at the time of F-Top Recording). Second and Third place EOTW winners (for each realm) will also receive their respective auras, but no title.

  1. Anarchy - Leader: _Xtreme - $1,287,210,466
    • You won a £100 gift card code!
  2. Nova - Leader: FanTales - $783,987,118
    • You won a £52 gift card code!
  3. Muffin- Leader: MajesticMuffin - $178,769,925
    • You won a £20 gift card code!
  1. Apes - Leader: AlbinoGreenFrog - $58,401,910
    • You won a £100 gift card code!
  2. 1manfac- Leader: Belor_FlameForge - $39,407,423
    • You won a £52 gift card code!
  3. Distortion- Leader: Insomnias - $11,634,252
    • You won a £20 gift card...

Greetings Desterians!
Today we're excited to announce a few content updates that have just gone live on all realms! This update features a renovated spawn, a completely rebuilt crates system, and some new PvP leaderboards.

Spawn Updates
Our architect has been busy revamping the spawn warp to add extra detail and give our spawn a much cozier feel.

Head in-game and visit any one of our realm's /spawn warps to check it out yourself!

New Crates

Our main release in this update is a completely revamped crates system. We took on feedback from the community and understand that our old crates lacked value and generally were outdated with loot.

We ran a poll with the player Content Team and made the decision to set up a Crate Keys system for several reasons which include; being able to preview rewards by left-clicking the crates, lower prices because keys give a single reward rather than 4, more player interaction at spawn, and faster crate opening speeds.

The new Crate Keys are now available for purchase at...
01 Oct
Announcement | Top Voters Omega

Greetings Desterians!

September Top Voters

I'm here to announce the top voters of this last month! If you weren't aware, you can earn rewards from voting! You can find the specifics here. As for the month of September, here are your winners! All codes will be mailed to everyone in-game within 24 hours of this post.
  1. SpookyArpz
  2. Peragana
  3. Blissinged
  4. FluffyLeManiac
  5. lmckellar
Congratulations to the users who've won. Thank you all so much for taking the time to vote for Desteria. It truly does help a lot.

Omega || Management Team

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