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The air gently makes its way through the forests of Desteria. Factions are putting down their swords and hanging up their armor as the sun sets over the land. It's quiet.. they're ready.. new beginnings are coming and big changes to the world they love. Auren Realm, we're looking at you!

Important Dates
Realm will reset at the following date and time:

Saturday 18th January 2020
3pm EST / 8pm GMT
For your local timezone, please click here!

Reset Details
What you will lose:
  • In-game money
  • mcMMO levels
  • Inventory items
  • Enderchest items
  • Vault items
  • Homes
  • Bases/land
  • Faction data...
14 Dec
Announcement | November Top Voters Cansky

Greetings Desterians!
I sincerely apologize for the delay on how long it took to get this thread out- due to Omega having taken a much required absence due to IRL and some wait for pulling out the topvoter data needed from the end of the month. Contact me (Discord: Cansky#4891) if you come across any situations about the coupons as they should be out fairly soon after the thread. Thanks for being patient!

November Top Voters
I'm here to announce the top voters of this last month! If you weren't aware, you can earn rewards from voting! You can find the specifics here. As for the month of November, here are your winners! All codes will be mailed to everyone in-game within 24 hours of this post.
  1. MoonHuntress
  2. Arpzz
  3. Zephzorrr
  4. bootleg_banshee
  5. Creasin
Congratulations to the users who've won. Check your mails in hub1 to receive your coupons. Thank you for voting for Desteria. It truly does help a lot.

Cansky || Management Team
01 Dec
Beta Realm Release! Emmymerh
Beta Realm

Today we are introducing and getting ready to release our Beta realm. This realm will not regularly reset but will operate for us to test certain aspects of gameplay and new content we wish to bring to Desteria soon. Anytime we have content to test on the Beta realm we will announce it in our Beta channel in discord. To get access to this channel, please reply here or message an Operator+ your IGN and Discord Tag to be given the Beta Testing Role. With each reset, we will announce the time and update the changelog based on what is being edited, added, or removed for that map.


General Information
Beta will begin at the following time:

Saturday 7th December 2019
3pm EST / 8pm BST
For your local timezome, please click here!

Reset Details
What you will lose every...
Greetings Desterians
Today we are announcing our Auren, Besen, and Caden F-Top winners that were drawn Nov. 18th at 3am EST after Wartime has closed! As a reminder to how F-Top will be drawn as well as what you subsequently win, Auren, Besen, and Caden will begin resetting off of one another; thus we will be pulling F-Top once a week every Monday at 3am. You have the possibility to win the following...

Auren, Besen, Caden F-Top Prizes
1st: $50 (£40) Store Gift Card
2nd: $25 (£20) Store Gift Card
3rd: $10 (£8) Store Gift Card​
With that being said, the end of the map will be determined by the state of the economy and map health. Once we determine it is best for each realm to descend into purge, they will individually begin to reset off of one another. The highest factions on our F-Top list will receive in addition to the final weekly payout a Gold Aura & Custom Faction Name Title for first place, a Silver Aura for second, and a Bronze Aura for third place. With that all being clarified, onto the good part!

Our weekly F-Top payout for Nov. 18th at 3am EST is the following factions...

Auren F-Top Winners
1st: Smoke - $1,488,549,006 - SmokerXtreme
2nd: Zen - $7,013,007 - RomanIsGodly
3rd: ranDs - $5,695,162 - ceey

[COLOR=rgb(255, 255...
Greetings Desterians!
After making sure all faction reports had been dealt with, we can finally announce the Final F-Top winners for Drego Map 4.
Drego will pull its F-Top once a week after grace and payout weekly. The amounts are as follows...

Drego Weekly F-Top Payout Prizes
1st: $300 PayPal (USD)
2nd: $150 PayPal (USD)
3rd: $50 PayPal (USD)
4th: $100 (80£) Drego Coupon
5th: $50 (40£) Drego Coupon
6th: $25 (20£) Drego Coupon​

Drego Coupons will be handed out shortly in /hub1 in your /mail. If you do not receive your coupon within 24hrs or have had troubles with them in the past, msg me here on forums or on discord (Emmymerh#2110) so we can sort it out. Now to the good stuff. Your final F-Top winners for Drego Map 4 are as follows. Along with the final weekly payout mentioned above for first second and third place, first place will also receive a golden aura and a custom faction title, second place will receive a silver aura, and third place will receive a bronze aura.

Final F-Top Winners (Nov. 16th @ 3pm EST)
1st: Farmers - $5,578,450,962 - PiratesLeader
2nd: RaidAlerts - $11,642,800 - Goin
3rd: DejaVu - $8,638,800 - DaRealKill
4th: Vusace - $7,903,200 - Vutella

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