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  1. Cyclist

    1v1ing Notable Desteria Members [Ez Mode]

    @Rapidly @Leins @Rob @Denairn
  2. Cyclist

    If any of you play HypixelUHC champions

  3. Cyclist

    Need Help for a new PC

    Background information Ok so I just sold my mac mini which has been the only computer I have had and I bought/installed a few games on it but the only game that had decent fps and that I liked to play was minecraft. I ran at around 50 to 120 fps with low settings and with normal settings at...
  4. Cyclist

    Desteria's Discord?

    link pls @Rob @Leins @KikiInuyoshyy @Porridge33
  5. Cyclist

    Bring FFA Back

    To be honest I haven't done much research on why FFA was removed but I bet the reason wasn't good enough or there could be ways around it. I am not gonna take much time on this but now it has been a couple months of me quitting Desteria and in the first few months I would still come on Desteria...
  6. Cyclist

    Random people

    Randoms post them down below
  7. Cyclist

    Meme Page

    I NEED MEMES BECAUSE THEY HUNT MY DREAMS Post the kinds of memes you watch! And the funniest memes you krave. Why am I doing this? Cuz memes hunt my dreams and I can't fall asleep.