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  1. Cyclist

    Caden Is Dying

    caden has always been dead
  2. Cyclist

    Allow VPNS again

    I have friends who ddoss me :(
  3. Cyclist

    RIP Shinobi 2018

    I think the desteria staff team is very smart
  4. Cyclist

    Desteria's Mob Drop Economy

    one time I dropped my ice cream
  5. Cyclist

    Besen's community is brain dead.

    I like blacks
  6. Cyclist

    n word

    n word
  7. Cyclist


  8. Cyclist

    Get your Desteria Merchandise Today!

  9. Cyclist

    LOOOOOL wtf

    LOOOOOL wtf
  10. Cyclist

    Bug Bounty Challenge Concluded!

  11. Cyclist


  12. Cyclist

    Bug Bounty - Report Bugs, Get Giftcards!

    IGN: Cyclist Realm(s): Auren Explain the bug: When you buy splash potions at ./shop you get drinkable pots List steps to re-create the bug: 1st do /shop, 2nd go to potions, 3rd buy any splash potions, 4th click it, then you will see that you receive drinkable potions instead of splash...
  13. Cyclist

    11.0 Map F-Top Winners

    RaidAlerts won 625$ worth of coupons just from the f top
  14. Cyclist

    How is this right at all? Corruption and underhand tactics

    wtf are you saying?
  15. Cyclist

    How is this right at all? Corruption and underhand tactics

    also I have heard that cansky abuses glitches in zulen wtf???
  16. Cyclist

    Increase the cap on /bal

    If there wasn’t a cap f top would be messed up as well
  17. Cyclist

    Lets talk about insiding

    Insiding is fun
  18. Cyclist

    Event #3 [HCF FFA] Summary, Winners & Mentions

    DMite1 is insane
  19. Cyclist

    Pirates Raid China [1.7BILL -> 800MILL]

    1343 beheaded by Cyclist
  20. Cyclist

    Red Rover Event [Winners]

    #Krynn Do more events like this staff, that was fun.