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  1. OogaBooga

    guys lets start another serfer [Desterie]

    guys i sugest since ilemon doesnt want to start new reset we make our own desteria copy named desterie. we can get the entire comunity to play with us and we can have so much fun and ban DDOS and DOX and HACK so then PERFECT serfer it is. plus one if u angry that ILMEON IS STEALING OUR LIFE by...
  2. OogaBooga

    Suggestion - Assassin Economy

    Suggestion Title Assassin Economy Which realm does this suggestion apply to? Auren, Besen, Caden Introduction I believe that there should be a boost to the pvp economy. As of now, there's really no pvp whatsoever on any of the factions realms. Sure there's boss, but that's more of a PvE event...
  3. OogaBooga

    Getting MUTED for saying "Donald Trump" LMFAO IM ACTUALLY DYING OF LAUGHTER
  4. OogaBooga

    i am bary alen, the festest men alife

    who is fester ME, bary alen, or the filty revrse flesh, ebard tawn efter sevon deys i will get de resoolts and i will poast tham
  5. OogaBooga

    Suggestion - Remove worldedit with tnt on Cannon realm

    Suggestion Title Remove worldedit with tnt on Cannon realm Which realm does this suggestion apply to? Cannon Introduction Recently I've tested with tnt in cannon realm and I've found out some things. Details So what I did was I made a huge 16x16x255 block of tnt using world edit...
  6. OogaBooga

    Suggestion - Add More Insiding Rules

    Suggestion Title Add More Insiding Rules Which realm does this suggestion apply to? Auren, Besen, Caden Introduction I believe that we should have more insiding rules because right now people can get away with a lot of things. Details I think that there are two rules that need to...
  7. OogaBooga

    NoSmoke Meme

    NoSmoke gets smoked
  8. OogaBooga

    Are you allowed to say "n word" in public chat?

    I got muted for this, I'm asking if it's actually a valid mute because I don't think it should be seen as a slur because it's being censored. Also, there are thousands of words that start with the letter "N." I just don't think it's fair that people should be muted just because they said...
  9. OogaBooga

    Staff mutes 3 people for saying ninja

    TBH Blue should REALLY be demoted because he muted me and 2 others for saying ninja. I said "Qwased is a ****ing ninja" because he said he insided someone and didn't get caught. I got muted even though I didn't even mean it as a slur. This is just staff abuse tbh, please demote. Blue is probably...
  10. OogaBooga

    NoSmoke gets smoked

  11. OogaBooga

    how to change name?

    there used to be a button but i dont know where it is anymore since they moved it :/
  12. OogaBooga


    last 24 hours theres been 3 pages of staff bans lmao
  13. OogaBooga

    What GOOD minecraft servers do compared to Desteria add this rule pls no spoil <3 <3 <3
  14. OogaBooga

    False muted... I was talking about how he can commit to being a staff member if he gets accepted but then i got false muted by @smh8 because of "suicide encouragement" like tf i told him to commit to being a staff member not to commit suicide.
  15. OogaBooga

    The entire staff team should take an IQ test This has led me to believe that a lot of the staff team's IQ is below average. I believe that we should hire some far more intelligent staff to make desteria great again. To do this we need the entire staff team to take an IQ...
  16. OogaBooga

    i have ocd so i need to post this, pls fix coleaders and admins change it to co-leaders and leaders k thx bye
  17. OogaBooga


    Think about it 1. The reset was 1 day before April 1st (April Fools Day) 2. The plugins were horrible 3. Maybe iLemon made the plugins horrible on purpose to prank us 4. Who would log on ****ing Easter to play a block game server??? iLemon would have thought about this and wouldn't make the...
  18. OogaBooga

    How to cheat (Working Reach Mod on Desteria)

  19. OogaBooga

    Make IRL Money Scamming Blacklistable??? Scamming isn't a red tier four offence which I find pretty dumb. It's literally stealing other people's IRL money which IMO should be taken as seriously as the other red offences as people might lose hundreds of dollars. People could just scam...