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  1. Vysei

    bring back old wild

    read the title idiot
  2. Vysei

    bring nex back

    Ok so basically we have this new horseman thing, and in my opinion and in most other players opinions (i've asked) it is utter ****, some of us don't even know where it is, there is no countdown and it's honestly just a mess, the nex is one of the things that make this server unique and we could...
  3. Vysei

    Ok so

    Ok so I've gotten many pm's asking me about how I got demoted, I got demoted because I didn't listen to iLemon and I basically got myself into a bad situation, so about 2 days ago I got a message by someone that said (my ip) come in ts or offline, your choice, I was freaking out so I asked...
  4. Vysei


    k im quitting, why? because i got demoted for the dumbest ****, If you wanna know why I got demoted pm me, I aint gonna make this **** look fancy (will tomorrow) but just wanna tell u that im quitting, ill be on the forums actively but not ingame, ill make an actual quitting thread tomorrow.
  5. Vysei

    wtf **** going down rn, join rn
  6. Vysei

    Demotion Ideas

    I personally think that before demoting someone you should give them a warning or tell them what they were doing wrong. Sorry if this is a short thread it's just an idea
  7. Vysei

    Csgo acc

    anyone got a csgo acc i can use? ill trade stuff on your preferred realm for it pm me if so Will also trade csgo skins, mc accounts, optifine capes, items on other servers, or a overwatch acc with good stats.
  8. Vysei


    Who is your favourite rapper? Bored of listening to 21 savage all day lol
  9. Vysei

    Profile/Banner pictures

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could make me a banner or profile picture or both for items ingame, be sure to pm me for the details!!
  10. Vysei

    Redev's demotion

    (not my video, hope staff watches this).
  11. Vysei

    Make desteria great again!

    Desteria gets around 400-500 players per day, the way to increase that number is to introduce new game modes or add new features like Custom enchants, maybe add a hcf game mode, skywars etc
  12. Vysei


    Howdy there young men/women, I am lolitsalex the e-girl magnet, I would just like to remind you all that the HOTOBOBO Hotel is currently empty, if you would like to purchase a room, please respond to this thread! -1 week= $3 (if you are an egirl you get in free) -2 week= $6 (if you are an egirl...
  13. Vysei


    Looks like the person that bought my account has now chargebacked, and I have my account back because I have the TID so yeah I'm back
  14. Vysei

    'L'eiins L
  15. Vysei

    heard that we lost 4 staff members

    Hey, I recently heard that we have lost 4 staff members if anyone knows how could you possibly tell me why I'm just curious.
  16. Vysei

    People these days
  17. Vysei


    everyone who plays league add me bc I feel alone, IGN: Vysei
  18. Vysei

    Trouble getting on desteria?

    If you cannot connect to desteria try using this ip: (replace the .com with .net)
  19. Vysei

    Try make this thread the most liked thread

    title explains everything
  20. Vysei

    Auto blaze farm

    Desteria has made it so that it is impossible to make auto blaze farms, I have tried everything (arrows, drowning,snowballs,falltraps) none of them work, I think they should add auto blaze farms back so we can start to afk blazes again, I think this would help many people as they can only kill...