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  1. CatchTheRainbow

    She said yes!!!

    I just wanted to shoot a HUGE congrats to @Geekxboy. :')
  2. CatchTheRainbow


    ok so as most of you know I'm a proud Canadian and I didn't see any happy Canada day threads and was very upset so from all of us Canadians, HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!! (Sorry) for the people who don't care. For all my fellow Canadians lets meet up at Tim Hortons and get some timbits (eh)...
  3. CatchTheRainbow

    Cheer up :)

    Catchypoo here to cheer everyone up with a funny video, credits to @Zip for showing me it hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. Have a great day. POKEMON <3_<3 Feel free to post any video you find funny. :)
  4. CatchTheRainbow

    Watch if bored

    Made this video for people to enjoy and because I was bored! 3 1v1 against random people please no hate I know I'm bad! Hope you all enjoy please feel free to post tips or suggestions on how to make the video better. ENJOY!!!!!! PS. I know the video is sped up that's my bad I will fix it in...