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Allowing to print any type of blocks


Essential Information
  • Minecraft Username: Xuylon
  • Realm or Service: Besen
Suggestion Information
  • Thread Title:
    Allowing to print any type of blocks
  • Description:
    As u can tell Besen is resetting this Saturday, and some people want to grind instead of having to wait for dragon drops, so I’m wondering if u could add every block to printer. As some people want to grind cane, make it cane eco and make cactus sell for nothing as it’s op In my opinion, also add ice blocks, dirt and obsidian (obsidian for cannons)
  • What would your suggestion improve?:
    This would make people want to grind more and not just have to sit at their pc waiting for dragon drop
  • Image/Video (Link):


Don’t add every block, but allow for cane/cactus to be printed (if cane was to be allowed specifically, add dirt to ./printer shop as well)


Adding ob to printer would not be a good idea in my opinion. Even though your not supposed to, people sometimes use printer to make walls, so that would make it too op. even though it is not legal that doesnt stop people from doing it. and cannons, if u want to change them from ob to say stone or cobble, just go onto a cannon server and use commands to change them so you are able to print.