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An actual intelligent thread on Fixing KOTH


The area that is considered apart of KOTH for the Ice, Forest, and Desert Koths is just too small it makes escaping as simple as throwing one pearl to safety from a deathban

Koth is only won when one faction is tired of coming back not when they are eliminated death bans are rare

I actually went into the warps to measure them and they are all about 250x250 I also measured the nether koth which i think most of us can agree is a good size and it was around 650x650 please its as simple as increasing the border to 650x650 for all the other koths I'd also suggest also wiping the builds in the areas that will be taken over by increasing the koth area as there are a ton of traps and safe rooms
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Especially at desert and forest. You can’t get anyone lower than 20 pots due to traps built almost 30 blocks away from cap, making it impossible to eliminate players from cap. It gets irritating very quickly, and koth becomes impossible to cap unless the rotations on Nether where the arena is actually large enough so that traps aren’t less than a chunk away from cap.