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Avansies Recruitment

With the new Besen season kicking it off strong in this new season of Desteria Plus, the faction Avansies is currently looking out for possible recruits out there interested in joining a strong faction. If you are interested in joining, please apply by filling out the questions in the exact format below.

Bio: Avansies is a gaming community with a guild of over 500 players that plays a countless number of games from Minecraft to CSGO to League of Legends. One of its main servers in the game is on Besen, Desteria. Currently, Avansies holds at least $43,870,000 of spawners alone. We have numerous players that include cannoners, pvpers, and base builders. Our faction continues to grow, but needs your help in order to rise up to #1. Avansies can provide protection for your valuables, a way to meet new friends and teammates, fun and support during pvp events, and joining in on big raids against other top factions. Not only that, we host other events outside of minecraft within our guild such as various party games. We encourage that the more active and work you put in, the better chances you get to attain other perks such as access to the moderator portion of the base. For further questions, concerns, or other inquiries, you can contact me through the Desteria forums or on Discord with one of these users: HyperionLegion#6330 or Malus#6710. You can join the entire Avansies Gaming Discord at:

Initial Questions (More may be added during interviews):






Contact Info (Anything like Discord, Skype, etc.):

How often can you be on / activity:

Skills (1-10):


Work Habits:





Past factions:


In game perks (ex: faction fly):

Relations with current top factions:

How long you have played factions and minecraft:

Additional Info:

Thank you for your time reading and we hope to see you join us towards victory! Long live the dragon!


Ign: AvasisON

Timezone: UTC +3 EEST

Age: 18

Maturity: Quite mature I can say

Contact Info (Anything like Discord, Skype, etc.): Discord Felkiller#2213

How often can you be on / activity: Once every two days. more active on the weekends though.

Skills (1-10):

PvP: 9

Work Habits: 8

Raiding: 3

Building: 7

Organization: 9

Experience: 9

Past factions: Scarface (Idris Desteria 4.0)

Rank: Explorer

In game perks (ex: faction fly): None that I know of

Relations with current top factions: I know some people who still play back from Idris 4.0

How long you have played factions and minecraft: Since 2014

Additional Info: Just got back to playing, might be a bit rusty at pvp.
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