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Event Realm Returns!


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Hello Desterians!
After a long downtime the event realm is finally making it’s return!
You can now connect to the event realm either via typing /event or via the event icon in the /server GUI.
A few changes and new additions have been made, so let’s get right into it.

Free For All

The FFA arena as you know it is still being used and we can guarantee a hit of nostalgia when you’re going to run through the familiar map of our beloved event realm.
Nonetheless you will notice a few small changes made around the overall gameplay of the map. Our plugins have been updated and you can read up on all details below.

Kills, Deaths, Streaks and Ratio counter:
In order to keep track of our best (or worst) PvPer's we have implemented a new statistics counter. You are now able to see your stats by typing /ks as shown below:

The Hub for FFA now also has several leaderboards where you can view the top players on the server, sorted into Kills, Deaths, Streaks and Top K/D Ratios.

-/ks (name), allows you to view a player’s stats
-/ks top[deaths,kills,streaks,ratio] (pagenumber), lets you see the leaderboard for the category you chose (example: /ks topkills 1)

Miscellaneous changes to the FFA:
-Players will automatically spawn at /spawn when logging in
-Players’ inventories will be cleared upon logging out
-Kills are no longer displayed in tab
-Removed Herobrine
-Prevention implemented against farming alts


One of the features most of you have been asking and yearning for: Duels!
As of the launch of our new event realm, you will be able to duel any online player on the Event realm.
Simply type /duel (name) to initiate a fight.
From there you can choose the kit that you wish to use to fight, as well as the arena you wish to fight in.

Don’t know who to fight? No worries!
Simply teleport to our Duels Hub and join a queue. You will automatically be matched against another waiting player.

  • /duel - Returns a list of commands
  • /duel stats - Shows your current stats and duel history.
  • /duel toggle - Toggle whether people can send you duel invites.
  • /duel top [wins:kits:losses] - Shows the scoreboard for all Duel wins and losses.
  • /duel queue - Shows a list of open queues that you can join.

Event Team Applications Opening

After it has laid low for a while, the event (support) team is officially returning. Staff and players alike have the chance to join the event team to build and host cool events on the Event realm!
Sign up for the team here:

With the Event Team returning you are certain to expect more mini-events to be hosted, such as Red Rover, Parkour or similar events.

The First Event

Now that our event realm is back it is time for our first small event. This one will unfortunately not be hosted on our event realm, but instead by yourselves.
The point of this event will be to create your very own 1v1 Duel map - from which the best will be implemented right into the /duel system!

If you’ve got a knack for building and wish to see your duel map used in action, please enter the contest linked below.

Building is not your style? No worries! Our event team will soon plan another event, hosted for you on the event realm. Keep your eyes peeled!

Ending Note

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about the event realm so far. We look forward to working with you now and in the future!
Got any other suggestions for the future of the event realm?
Event suggestions go here:
Realm improvement suggestions go here:



I dont understand how you released event without testing pvp, pots are not working, maybe 20% of the time. In duels its even worse as kb also feels wrong