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Helper Application - Narwhalogy

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Personal Information
Minecraft Username: Narwhalogy
Previous Minecraft Usernames:
Current Age: 14
Timezone/Country: US / EST

Desteria Information
Average Daily Hours: 1-2 weekdays | 4-10 weekends(really depends this year)
Main Realm(s): Zulen
Date Joined Desteria: Aug 5, 2014
Faction Name(s): Divine

Detailed Questions
Have you ever been punished or banned on Desteria? If so, why - and why should this not affect your chances?
I have been punished multiple times, mainly because I was not used to a new owner on the server because ambushment was like my favorite. This should affect my chances because I can sometimes be slightly toxic but not enough to get another punishment.

From everything you’ve learned about this position, players and our server, tell us how you feel you’d make a contribution.
I feel like I’d make a contribution because I’m active on most times for EST and if I’m on I’m using interacting with players. I also am very creative(not when it comes to bulding) and could help the event team come up with new events if they’re not already stacked with making ones already. I’m also very friendly towards other staff and could assist them with projects and other stuff

If you could start as a new player again, what would you do differently? What mistakes were made, and what have you learned?
If I could restart as a player I would treat with how I deal with “hackers” more calmly since I’m usually hackusating a lot, jokes or not it’s kind of annoying and wastes staff time - but hey I tried to stop and I’m close to doing it. If I could name the most important out of all my mistakes it would be my attitude towards the community when something new pops up. It’s a combination of trying to deal with players complaining and not complaining myself.

Do you frequently use our TeamSpeak and have a working microphone?
I have teamspeak but rarely use it, but I’m extremely active on discord and always talking in it when I can.

Do you have any previous experience with moderation/staffing on servers? (Tell us about it if you have)
No staff experience but I’d gladly like to start my experience on desteria.

What issues / situations frustrate you the most on Desteria?
The main situation is not toxicity but the way players act towards new resets. It’s usually like “Why X sucked” - X being a map number. When seeing these threads I get ‘heated’ because there’s a bug reports and Suggestion section that people can use. That and “toxicity” it not as much frustrates me because toxicity can come in different forms and can be seen differently to everyone. It’s kind of present on forums with the why X sucked because the players aren’t doing anything to help the situation by complaining without doing anything. That’s pretth much it there’s other issues but I deal with them as collected as I can be.

Why should we choose you as staff over somebody else?
I’m very experienced with the player base as I have been playing since the map of 2.0. Being experienced I also have experienced different punishments and witnessing them so I’d know how to handle it.

Is there any other information you might think is useful for us to know / is there anything else we should know?
School is very important to my family so sometimes my activity may drop as I’m in the middle of freshmen year
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The only thing you need to work on is your outbursts. I think you know what I mean, but if you don't feel free to message me and I'll explain a little more in detail.

Good luck +0.5


Annoying ****poster.
Really, though, +1, good guy. Fun to talk to, and is quite well-informed about the server. Anybody who uses the Discord frequently would know that. On the other hand, there are occasional scenarios that I'd rather see you take a more mature stance in, but I have no doubts that it could be worked on and happen less with the yellow name.
Good luck!
Seems like a very friendly guy, helped me with a server issue when there was no staff online, not to mention is very helpful in discord +1


+1, very active and helps out the staff team (me especially) when it comes to discord.
They are active in-game and is willing to put in the hours.
Very friendly towards new players to the server.
Acts and helps without the staff rank.
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