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Iron Block Fixing

So I play on besen and if you right-click on an iron block it says "right click to confirm repair" and then if you do that it says "Must be level 50 to repair"

So then I ranked up to level 50 in desteria levels, tried it and it still didn't work, then I got up in xp levels and it still didn't work.

Is this a glitch or am I using it wrong?


Desteria runs a popular plugin named MCMMO, which adds a ton of leveling features for your character. The iron block can be used as a repair station through MCMMO. That "level 50" is referring to the MCMMO skill for repairing items, the "repair" skill. You can level up that skill by repairing items with that from block, repairing iron armor will be the fastest way to reach level 50. You cannot repair Diamond gear until you reach repair level 50, which I assume you were trying to do.

Some very useful commands regarding this mod:
/mcstats - shows you all your mcmmo stats.
/(skillname) - shows a skill's level, as well as what bonuses and abilities it gives you.