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[~LMN8ATION Faction Recruitment~ [Edain]

Would you like to join this faction in 5.0?

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How old are you?
I am currently 14 years old.

In Game Username
My IGN is ChaoticOnslaught but this might change in the near future.

Donator Rank if you don't have one leave this blank

How good are you at raiding/cannoning?
If I were to rate myself in terms of percentage, I would say I am comfortably between 75-83%. I know how to make a normal, scatter, lein, shredder, auto, hybrid, long range etc. I am currentLy working on a more powerful version of the lein and hope to turn it into a lein/shredder hybrid

Are you good at PvP? Please rate yourself from 1-10
Again, in terms of percentage I would rate myself around 65- 69% due to two causes: a) I focus largely on redstone and strategy in factions and thus do not practice PVP daily and b) my current computer is very bad and goes through a unpredictable series of lag-spikes every week or so. Fortunately, I plan on getting a better computer (which will hopefully terminate said lag) in August.

How often are you online?
I usually try to log on daily in order to keep up with the server but this might change after summer vacation. In case I do not log on, expect me to log on a day or two after.

How did you find out about our faction recruitment thread?
I applied for MassaGang back in 4.0 on Eldyn but was not evaluated due to the upcoming reset. Fluffles_UK informed me about a new faction on Drego and recommended I apply if I want to join the Massa crew.

How long have you been a member of Desteria?
I have been a member of Desteria since September 2014.
Do you have any alt accounts to join as well?
Unfortunately, I do not own any alt account as of yet.

How would you rate your building skills? From 1-10
Base Building 70% I know basic walls and defences. Aesthetic 75 - 79% I practice my aesthetic skills weekly and always look to improve my abilities in ever genre. Redstone 75- 83% I know many things besides cannoning like spawner automation, self destruct (to prevent raiders from getting the loot), simple farm automation etc.
How would you help our faction?
Since it is the start of the 5.0 era, I would try provide money, obsidian, diamond protection 4 armor etc.

Give us a 50 word sentence on why we should choose you over others
A) I am taking time out of my vacation to type this and submit this near midnight. B) I am very loyal as my previous factions (SwarmGang, Peasants, EVM, Opium) will gladly confirm. C) I believe you are recruiting, so if for nothing else, I hold value in power. D) Though I do not possess a Donator Rank, I am very hardworking and active.

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