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Matalia's Event Team App!


Personal Information
Minecraft Username:
Do you have Discord?
What is your Discord ID?
Do you have a microphone?

Building Section
Are you interested in building? (If not, feel free to skip this section)

Please list a building 'style' that most accurately describes your own. Be as detailed as possible.
I enjoy building a lot of different things. Currently, I'm working on houses and towers that consist of different patterns I create with stairs, slabs, buttons, leaves, etc. I tend to use a lot of clay to add a little bit of color to the picture. I particularly like to build things that look whimsical and have a lot of colors, while still looking semi-realistic.

Please provide at least one sample build below.

Are you able to stick to a schedule and complete builds in a timely manner?


Detailed Information
Why did you apply for the Event Team?
I applied because I remember how much fun it was to be on EST. I really enjoyed hosting the rrs and having the ability to work on the map! However, the thing I loved most was interacting with the community. I want Event to be just as fun as it was back then. I'm super excited about what Event has in store.

What experience, if any, are you bringing to the team if your application is accepted?
I have previous experience with being a part of EST & I know a fair amount of WordEdit commands.

What are your goals within the team, and what do you expect to gain personally from the experience?
To make sure everyone has a good time and to try to communicate more throughout the team. I want to be open to learning more about building and broadening my skills with commands and such.

Are you able to communicate and come to compromises with others?
Yes, I'm an easygoing person and I rarely don't get along with others. I will always point out if I have an idea that could benefit the current project, but I won't argue if my idea is not pursued. I'm just trying to help! If a commotion does occur, then I'm always open to talking it out.

Please expand on your answer by offering examples. ^^^

Thank you for reading! <3