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More bosses


Formerly 'PreferedYT'
Essential Information
  • Minecraft Username: FactionSlimeYT
  • Realm or Service: Desteria (all)
Suggestion Information
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    More bosses
  • Description:
    There should be more types of bosses then just Arachne. Every hour the same boss appears over and over again. There could be more bosses that occur daily, or every half hour, or something similar. Each boss could have a different reward. It doesn't have to be Arachne and the exact same rewards all the time. Desteria needs something new!
  • What would your suggestion improve?:
    Adding more bosses will improve Desteria as a whole. People will want to stay and fight bosses for the new rewards or just to see the new bosses that have been added!
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In my opinion, the current hourly boss, Nex, and KOTH is fine as it is because of the fact that the hourly boss "Arachne" gives Rare, Ultra, and Regular crates and KOTH/Nex gives Legend Crates, adding another boss will probably be too much. Again... in my opinion.


After sepre and the rest of the realms turned into Auren and Besen, and caden being Zulen, I didn't play desteria much until plus. There was a koth crate?
they said that they were making a koth crate instead of the regular legendary crate but it never happend