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More some numbers from the guy


In response to the challenge proposed by this nerd here
In this thread here

Map looks like this right

(wierd ass lookin map imo)

For sake of my sanity we are gonna swing it on its side so that the north bit is going up.


Per the competition rules, we are to start in the corner nearest to that red W

After getting to the corner you move 351 blocks E and 143+ blocks S
This puts you in the middle of an /f map that has its west edge on the west edge of the world
You then move alternating 9730 blocks S and N moving 736 blocks E each time
This ensures you get a fresh /f map between each N and S pass
When you complete 13 of these passes the E edge of your /f map will be 96 blocks from the edge of the W 10K block.
Moving 96 blocks E and completing one more 9730 block pass will cover all the blocks in the west most 10k. To move to the middle rectangle you then go 751 blocks E

This puts you about here (Fuchsia Square)
At this point you set your home
You will then travel south exactly 10,000 blocks S and return to your home.
Then go north 19,730 blocks N you will then be in the corner closest to the red N on the map.
Once you are here, alternate going 29730 N and S 13 times with 736 block movements E between each.
After 13 passes again there will be 96 blocks remaining.
On this last pass, when you get to the cyan square reset your home.
When you reach the S end of the map return to your home.

Travel 751 blocks E and repeat what you did in the W box.
(without a 751 block adjustment at the end)
(last 96 block run only has to be 81 blocks)

Total blocks traveled horizontally should be:

Starting adjustment from corner (494 blocks)
28 - 9730 block passes (N-S)
14 - 29730 block passes (
36 - 736 block runs (E-W)
2 - 96 block runs (E-W)
1 - 81 block run (E-W)
2 - 751 block resets (E-W)



If you need to go 717425 blocks it would take you a while
Max mining speed is about 943 blocks per minute
so about 761 minutes
or 12.6 hours of continuous mining.
(calculations here)


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No credit given to your helper i see.
*grumble grumble*
ehh **** that xD its a more useful number/method if you want to actually do it on the server
To correct so you dont use home, just double the blocks you ran before teleporting back, but after you set. So add 20,000


yea thats basically what I did, the real shortest number is probably somewhere between the two numbers.