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/near should be expanded

Essential Information
  • Minecraft Username: bolus02
  • Realm or Service: Auren
Suggestion Information
  • Thread Title:
    /near should be expanded

  • Description:
    I think the /near should be expanded by a few blocks. It's hard to tell when someone is really close to you unless theyre already coming up behind you and it's over. I think it's important in a faction server to have the /near command have a wider range since most of the times in an /f home there are so many walls you really can't rely on /near to help you much.

  • What would your suggestion improve?:
    Hopefully this would improve the preparedness of factions and their members to be ready to PVP and be more helpful in case that someone might be sneaking around outside their faction base

  • Image/Video (Link):


It was 200 before I believe. That was a little much. If it’s going to be raised at all I’d say 100 would be alright.