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Passback's event team application (


Personal Information
Minecraft Username: Passback

Do you have Discord? Yes

What is your Discord ID? Passback#3026

Do you have a microphone? Yes

Timezone: PST

Building Section
Are you interested in building? (If not, feel free to skip this section) absolutely

Please list a building 'style' that most accurately describes your own. Be as detailed as possible. high pixel Build Battle

Please provide at least one sample build below.

I win
Are you able to stick to a schedule and complete builds in a timely manner?
Detailed Information
Why did you apply for the Event Team? I play event and very helpful.

What experience, if any, are you bringing to the team if your application is accepted? I am good at eventing.

What are your goals within the team, and what do you expect to gain personally from the experience? I expect to get famous for being an S tier event team member.

Are you able to communicate and come to compromises with others? Yes.

Please expand on your answer by offering examples. I am a fan favorite.
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