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Spawner Mining Fee

Essential Information
  • Minecraft Username: LegendsAwoken
  • Realm or Service: Desteria (all)
Suggestion Information
  • Thread Title:
    Spawner Mining Fee
  • Description:
    Because the mining fee for spawners was originally created to discourage people from mining spawners whilst getting raided I feel that they should be reduced or removed during cease fire. That way at least 75% of the time if I missplace a zpig or want to move a grinder I don't have to waste a ton of money.
  • What would your suggestion improve?:
    Less aggravating hits to players balances for no reason.
  • Image/Video (Link):
Maybe not take away the fee completely but the fact of the matter is its more cost effective to blow up your own spawners and buy new ones then to mine them, the fee to mine spawners needs to be adjusted at the very least