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xNyle's | Event Team Application


Formerly 'SpicyBlack'
Personal Information
Minecraft Username: xNyles

Do you have Discord? Yes

What is your Discord ID? Vicc#1929

Do you have a microphone? Yes

Timezone: Est

Building Section
Are you interested in building? (If not, feel free to skip this section) Yes

Please list a building 'style' that most accurately describes your own. Be as detailed as possible.

I am a experimental builder, I like to mess around with different structures and put them together and try to be perfect. I can also do terrain building and forming land, such as
making biomes, crazy looking trees, etc. I am also good at making structures, and I feel like I can do an amazing job at making builds look good, and 100 times better with other people & and a team. Most builders in the community like to build on their own, but for me I am all in to be apart of a build team.

Please provide at least one sample build below.

Are you able to stick to a schedule and complete builds in a timely manner? Yes

Detailed Information
Why did you apply for the Event Team?
I've applied for the Event team because I have a passion for building, and I would just like to help out and be active on
the event team. Ever since the event realm came out, It instantly became my favorite realm on Desteria. I had a good experience
with the old event team, and they would just make it fun for everyone by starting red-rovers, or sumo's and creating fun chill memories
of Desteria when things are not so serious & toxic unlike other realms.

What experience, if any, are you bringing to the team if your application is accepted?

If my application is accepted, I would be bringing building experience to the team. I'd love to work with
other people in the Desteria community, get in Discord calls and finish maps after maps. I'm already aware of some parts on how the old
event team worked, as I still chat with some of the old team members. I am good with worldedit, know almost every single command and
know how to use it to make builds pop. I also have old server experience and I would know my role in the event team and not cross
any boundaries, like abusing my permissions as it just ruins the realm for everyone like it did before. I am also good at brainstorming
good event ideas like I've done in the past. I also have leadership skills and will make sure maps are done before they needed to be done by,
and assist others if needed. As of right now, I am very active and play around 8 hours everyday so I am able to host events throughout the day. Also I am aware of certain things that I should keep secret to other players as I use to have a staff position on another server, and I am aware of that potentially
ruining future events. I do have experience with following a schedule like my job. I am good at following it, and listening to others where as this case
the event team leader.

What are your goals within the team, and what do you expect to gain personally from the experience?

My goal if I get accepted to the Event team would be making the event realm look professionally built,
and ensure all players would have a good time on the event realm, and make sure people would want
to come back every day to pvp on it. I'd like the event realm to have many players on it on all timezones
and make the realm active. I would dedicate my time and effort to making sure events are completed in a timely manner
or whenever it needs to be done by. I feel like the event team would give me great personal experience, like building
and communicating with other people, and I'd like to make new friendships with people in the Minecraft
Community and work towards a common goal. The event team could teach me different styles on building
and things I've not known about. It will be a good learning experience as well.

Are you able to communicate and come to compromises with others?

I am able to communicate and come to compromises with others as I always do in real life, and in my faction on other realms.
Communication & compromises is key in factions, like if my faction needs things done or needs help, I'd stay online and help
them. The first 3 days of Auren, our faction base was completed because I and other members compromised other things so
we could finish our base. Also I am always on voice chat and easily reachable and I'm good at communicating with people,
like texting them back almost immediately. In real life, I go to a tech school and good communication skills are required. Many days
me and my friends would have first-hand learning projects which we are required to communicate or the project would be almost
impossible to finish.

Please expand on your answer by offering examples.